About Us

Biologplace is a catalog marketplace where biotech & pharma and healthcare supply chain professionals can find information on the best vendors and service providers that are on the market.

We rely on a network of tens of thousands of industry professionals we have been meeting, gathering or consulting in the past years. This marketplace is based on our industry knowledge and current need for vendors to increase visibility and for buyers to find qualified partners all over the world. It will continue to evolve with you in order to answer to increasing needs and specificities.

Because we are passionate about the industry and because supply chain save lives, we believed that it was necessary to increase some networking possibilities through a catalog marketplace. And Biologplace was born.

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About Franck Toussaint:


Biologplace has been founded by Franck Toussaint. Franck has been involed in the industry for the last 15 years through various positions in consulting for large international corporations, small and medium emerging companies or public organizations. He is also at the heart of nonprofit associations such as Biolog Europe or Bio Supply Management Alliance and keeps learning and developing new tools and techniques to improve supply chain in the life sciences and healthcare industries.