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This medication is among the very widely used across the counter treatments on the marketplace. A number of studies have discovered it can indeed help in improving libido. But, there are a few side effects associated with the medication. This article will tell you about these and whether it's good enough that you use this treatment. Read on to know more.The first of the many side effects of this drug may be your inability to achieve an erection. Most men using this treatment experience erectile dysfunction problems for at least a week after their final dose of the medication. The other consequence of Viagra for women is erectile dysfunction. Some men notice the increasing loss of erectile sensation, loss in blood flow into the penis and even a potential erection dysfunction. how long does viagra last is very important to see that this problem is temporary and can be treated by another Viagra for women's treatment. Additionally, there's the possibility of diseases which may be caused by this medication.If you would like to prevent the risks related to this specific medication, you need to talk with your doctor before beginning any form of sexual therapy. viagra prices can even use non prescription treatments as an alternative. If not one of the works, you need to make use of the Viagra for women's treatment just.

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